デコット いつものシンプルな服を簡単に華やかにさせてくれるバッグや靴が欲しいという思いからデコットはスタートしました。 デコットはグラフィックアートを日常に提案。カラフルなテキスタイル模様は平凡な花瓶が一輪の花で変わるように、手軽にお洒落を取入れる事ができます。 素材は上質国産のものをセレクト。全て手作り、神戸よりお届けします。 インスタで1点物や新作情報をお届け♪ Instagram: irospark --- You’re creative, you’re smart, and you’re looking for something unique. You’ll love how dekoto instantly bejewels any simple ensemble you already own. Like placing a flower in an ordinary vase, dekoto style brings your casual vogue to life. Short for “dekoretion” in Japanese, dekoto is the creations of visual artist Ria Ama. Ria has drawn on her experience in the graphic and video arts to bring you designs from sweet to modern and chic. In 2014 she began to apply her art at her family’s 45-year old shoe business in Kobe, Japan. After two years of dedication, she had made her first pair of comfortable pumps. This is where dekoto began. Each piece is handcrafted in Japan with only the highest-quality, hand-selected domestic materials. Follow us on our Instagram to be notify for One-Item, Limited Editions, New Products Instagram: irospark